Committed to Keeping You on The Move

Our carriers are the backbone of our business and when you work with Blackjack Express, you’re a member of the family. We know we’re only as good as you are, so we’re committed to your success, whether you’re looking for a backhaul or a steady flow of freight to your strategic destinations. 

Every day, we connect shippers and receivers with quality carriers, successfully moving perishable and non-perishable goods throughout the country. If you’re a reliable, committed team player looking to grow revenue, keep your trucks moving, and find a place to call home, you’ve found it.

Short- and Long-Haul Runs

Steady Year-Round Lanes
Dedicated, 24/7 Service and Support
Loads Matching Drivers’ Needs and Equipment
Fast, Flexible Payments
Very Competitive Rates

We’re There During Easy Runs and Long Hauls

Unpredictable schedules, high pressure, late pay, delays… Your job is getting more demanding by the day, and we’ll be there even when things go wrong. Our team does whatever it takes to make your runs as smooth as possible and won’t disappear if you have trouble with a load, a breakdown, or a claim. We also work with leading industry arbitrators and follow best practices to ensure any claims or disputes are handled professionally and fairly.

Blackjack builds relationships. We don’t put profit before our people – no matter if they’re in the office or on the road.